Tuesday, May 10, 2016

7 Surefire Ways to Split Your Skinny Jeans

Are you doing any of these things that researchers know leads to weight gain?

  1. Stay up way past your bedtime.  Inadequate sleep will leave you searching for relief from your tiredness the next day, and you are likely to choose your extra calories from foods rich in refined carbs.  Eating these foods sets you up for cravings, and a cycle of overeating begins.
  2. Don't take the time to eat meals early in the day.  People who habitually fail to eat a meal during the day are likely to overeat or binge eat later in the day, eating too many calories.
  3. Improvise!  Busy peeps who don't have a food plan that's easy to follow are vulnerable to the sweet siren call of fast food - usually high in calories, fat, sodium and low in good nutrients.
  4. All work & no play makes Jane's life dull!  We are programmed to seek pleasure, and a very easy, accessible pleasure is junk food.  We get a nice little shot of serotonin and dopamine when we experience pleasure and eat foods high in sugar, salt, and/or fat.  We can get the same shot of feel good brain chemicals by doing something pleasurable, like exercise, playing, listening to music, watching a funny video, etc.
  5. Doubt your ability and your willpower.  Your body will go wherever your mind tells it to.  If you make up your mind that you don't have the willpower to eat right and exercise, then you will succeed at having zero willpower.  Change your mind; change your life.
  6. Save exercise until you get home from work.  This makes you less likely to exercise.  People who successfully exercise after work tend to do that before they step foot in the house.  Once you're home and comfy after a long work day, it is so very difficult to get motivated to push yourself to exercise.
  7. Eat empty calorie junk foods.  Highly refined and processed foods leave us craving more of the same.  They provide calories but they lack the fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that keep the body functioning optimally.  Whole foods like vegetables, fruits and nuts do not have the same craving-inducing effect...choose these kinds of snacks to keep you skinny jeans in tact!
You probably know you could eat better, but where should you start?  Who should you listen to for nutrition advice?  There are so many "experts" out there with differing opinions.  The truth is you should JUST START.
If you'd like some guidance from a Registered Dietitian who understands the struggle to eat right and exercise on a consistent basis, I have some free resources for you.

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