Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sweet Cravings: 2 Quick Ways to Hit it & Quit it

The Junk Food Rehab Sugar Free 14 day Challenge is coming soon. 

It's 3:00 PM.  You're starting to get a bit sleepy and a little something sweet sounds good.  What are you after?  Are there any cookies in the house?  Did someone leave donuts in the break room?  I know Mimi has some peanut M & M's on her desk...

Does this sound familiar?  I've been there.  And, I've had hundreds of people tell me they've been there too.  And, the science backs it up - these cravings are a thing.  And they are real, with a physiological cause.  Your brain is driving you to get a hit of that sweet (or salty) good stuff.  What are you gonna do about it?

  1. You could go for it.  But have just one serving.  But how will you feel after?  No one needs a guilt hangover or a return trip to the candy bowl, which is what is likely to happen.
  2. Another option is to hit that craving with the perfect weapon, kill it and move on.  How?  You've got to get a little bit of a healthy snack, feed that brain, and plan on a better, lighter lunch next time.  What will work when you really want some chocolate, or a stale donut?  The first time, it might not be totally awesome, but it will work & you'll be happy you tried something that works & doesn't cause a guilt hangover:  fruit and nuts.  Seriously.
Here are some options:

Lara Bar - I like the Chocolate Chip Brownie flavor
Cherries (1 cup = 90 calories) with almonds (20 almonds = 140 calories)
Apple (60-90 calories) with walnuts (2 Tbsp = 90 calories)

If you're willing to prep ahead, you could bake yourself a healthy treat.
I like black bean brownies or other minimally processed, fruit-sweetened brownies.  Here is a link to a pretty natural vegan brownie recipe from Brand New Vegan that uses only a small amount of sugar and maple syrup for sweetness.

Chewy Vegan Brownies Recipe:

Another option I like (my kids like these too) is Blueberry Oat Crumble Bars.   
I make these anytime I've got some bananas on the brink of being too ripe!  These keep well in the fridge for a week, and they freeze well too.  OR
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The Junk Food Rehab Sugar Free 14 day Challenge is coming soon. 

Are you in? Join now so you don't miss out on the details!

To start getting control over cravings so you can ditch the junk food, click on the "Checklist & Meal Plan" to the right of this post toward the top of the page!

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